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Zod Billet Aluminum Single Sided Swingarm


A perfectly machined single sided billet aluminum swingarm, entirely CNC machined from billet aluminum and then polished to a mirror shine for a perfect finish. Swingarms are available for Evo Softail and Twin Cam Softail, for use with 200, 250 and 280 rear tires. The brake caliper and rotor are hidden between the rear pulley and the wheel. The bolt on caliper mount accepts a 4-piston or a 6-piston billet brake caliper. Other calipers can be used if a custom bracket is made. The rear hub is designed for use with a PM wheel. Hub accepts other wheel makes if the correct adapter is made. The 200 swingarm is designed to for use with a 12mm offset kit and a 6 1/2" rim; the 250 swingarm for use with a 25mm offset kit and a 8 1/2" rim; the 280 swingarm for use with a 45mm offset kit and a 10" rim. The 280 swingarm will only fit a stock frame if the frame is modified with our "no jig needed" frame side plate.
The swingarm kit includes:
-Rear hub
-Brake rotor
-Brake caliper

You will need:
-PM rear wheel
-Rear tire                     Let us help you get those
-Rear pulley                 parts too!
-Primary offset kit

Fits Evo Softail (with 4-piston brake)
200 Swingarm kit
741401 250 Swingarm kit
741402 280 Swingarm kit
741407 280 Swingarm kit (with side plate)

Fits Twin Cam Softail (with 4-piston brake)
200 Swingarm kit
741404 250 Swingarm kit
741405 280 Swingarm kit
741408 280 Swingarm kit (with side plate)
+6         Kit with 6-piston brake caliper


add $180.00

The 280 Swingarm kit with side plate has a new side plate that needs to welded in place instead of the old side plate to give additional clearance for the 45mm offset. Very easy to install, it uses the old side plate
as a weld fixture. All kits come complete, including detailed instructions

Offset kits for Twin Cam Softail
12mm offset kit for 5-speed
700889 25mm offset kit for 5-speed
700935 25mm offset kit for 6-speed
700925 45mm offset kit for 5-speed
700936 45mm offset kit for 6-speed

$  820.00
$  980.00