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Lightcon wheels, made in Germany

These wheels were designed by Jens Stach. He worked for Porsche for 13 years and has over 50 different wheels patented.

These Ligtcon wheels are made out of pressure castings. The two very light halves are fused through electron-beam welding, a technique being used in the aero-space industry. Even though the spokes are only 1/8" thick in some areas, they are so strong that they can be twisted 720 degrees about their own axis before braking.

Wheels, that light and rigid have the advantage of:
-Improved acceleration and braking dynamic
-Reduced un-sprung masses help to improve riding safety and comfort
-Improved handling of the bike

Lightcon wheels come in either black or electro chrome painted

Lightcon wheels come in either dual flange or single flange

3 1/2"x17"

5 1/2"x17"        Call and ask for different sizes!

6 1/4"x17"

$1640.00  Black wheels (any size)

$1920.00 Chrome wheels (any size)